Secondary html content wordpress plugin

Almost forgotten, it’s actually  a few years since I have used this plugin but still turn out te be usefull: Secondary html content wp plugin
As the name suggest it adds a second content area to the editor which can be handy at times.
Shame it has n’t been updated for quit some years nevertheless you can still download it here

Example code:

<div class="left-sidebar-or-right-sidebar-or whatever"><?php echo the_secondary_content(); ?>

If you intent on using this plugin you might want to replace one line. A user pointed out that this was  causing an issue, read about it here.
Line 513 in the file secondary-html-content.php has to be changed from:
$this->WP_Widget( 'secondary-html-content', __( 'Secondary HTML Content', 'secondary_html_content' ), $widget_ops );to
parent::__construct( 'secondary-html-content', __( 'Secondary HTML Content', 'secondary_html_content' ), $widget_ops );

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